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Reimagining Innovation-Based Learning & Collaboration

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, new to the startup world, or are an ambitious learner who desires to develop skills through an innovation-based approach, Hatchub places community first and strives to create resources for all types of diverse talent.

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"Innovation happens when people are free to think, experiment, & speculate."


The Hatchub mission is to provide a more innovative, community-centric approach to learning & project collaboration for anyone around the world at any stage of their life. We offer education, guidance, and individual support for all members, encouraging them to develop their own skills to benefit society on a larger scale. 

Our mission

Schools & Organizations

People at these schools and organizations have already joined our waitlist, and we're expanding every day. We emphasize creating resources/providing support for college-aged and under-represented individuals.

A Global 


Learning Platform, Society,

Networking Site,

& Venture Capital Firm All In One.

 Solve Real-World Challenges

Gain Experience with Emerging Technologies

Learn About New Topics, With an Emphasis on Innovative Building

Join a Community of Like-Minded People Who Want to Change the World

Collaborate With World-Class Industry Experts

Gain Access to Unique Opportunities to Accelerate Growth


Apply to Join Teams Within Our Community 

Receive Early-Stage Funding

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The Importance of Innovation

Collaborate with others on projects &/or learn from academics and industry experts

Collaborate with others on projects &/or learn from academics and industry experts

Apply to be a Hatchub member; admissions are rolling and we don't have a cap limit

Create a personal profile and network with the community on our platform

— Name, Title

Collaborate with others on projects &/or learn from academics and industry experts from anywhere in the world

Show your project(s) off to the community, easily form relationships with investors to receive funding, gain access to advisors & special discounts, attend online & in-person events, etc.

Apply for positions within the community or with our partner organizations who will recruit directly out of our courses, and/or post jobs for your business(es)

Want to join Hatchub?

We welcome individuals from all kinds of backgrounds. We don't care if you aren't associated with a top-tier school or haven't previously worked on a startup. We focus more on your inner drive, passions, and desire to make the world a better place - your "entrepreneurial intelligence."

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