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We inspire people to change the world for the better

Hatchub is a global community of the world’s most curious and determined people who desire to make a long-term impact.

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"The world needs new leadership, but the new leadership is about working together." 

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Our goals.

Hatchub's foundation is built upon a diverse set of goals to help our members succeed.

  • To teach people how to think critically and show them how their ideas & skills can make a positive impact.

  • To solve some of the world's biggest issues through collaboration with diverse talent.

  • To fast-track the development and expansion process for the sake of rapid global development.

  • To help individuals forge life-long connections & friendships within a global community.

  • To enable people to accelerate their growth through unique experiences.

  • To push and motivate each other at all times, through any type of obstacle.

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Some of the problems we are focused on solving.

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Program Info.


To join Hatchub, you must be accepted. There is a short application process for all types of members (i.e. innovators, learners, advisors, instructors, and investors). In your submission, clearly explain why you want to join the community.

Fees & Financial Aid

There will be a small membership fee. In addition, there will also be in-app subscription fees to access advanced features, as well as discounted costs to attend events. We will offer financial aid to support those who need it. Hatchub will take 2% equity of every company that goes through the innovator program unless you decide to pay the full program fee, which will be below the typical market rate.

Community Engagement

Our community members will stay engaged through collaborative courses & projects, events, other various learning opportunities, etc. We will facilitate fast partnership building on our platform and help our members whenever they need it. Our members won't be tied to any one aspect of our platform when they join; they will be able to move around freely (ex. members can choose whether they want to work on a business or just be a learner).

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Our Core Team.

Sarah Muraki

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Founder & CEO

Rustam Aliyev

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Co-Founder & CTO

Wendy Erikson

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Head of Partnerships

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Our Advisory Board.


Dr. Dany Bahar

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Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institute

Marina Hadjipateras

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TrailMix Ventures

Greg Bybee

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Avela Education & PoliScribe, ex. NovoEd, McKinsey, etc.

Jessica Li

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ZAGENO, Elpha, etc.

Martin Cowgill

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TenEighty & Playmakr Media, ex. Verizon, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.

Jessica Nordlander

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Thoughtexchange, ex. Google, etc.

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Daniel Fohrman

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Crunchfirm, ex. Rocketmiles

Yonah Welker

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Yonah & Fund, European Commission, etc.

Anthony Zlaket

UnityPoint Health Ventures, Ankh Impact Ventures, SoTech Ventures, Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum

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